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         Easter: means passage. Previously, before Jesus, people celebrated the passage through the Red Sea carried out by Moses and the people he led, in order to free them from slavery. After Jesus came to Earth, Christians remember that Jesus reappeared in spirit to the apostles and a few friends, after the death of the body, during the Passover. He taught, once again, that life continues after death of the material body, in Spirit, in the Spirit World.

         Spiritism has no rituals, no special dates. But Spiritists don’t live alienated, or pretending no one celebrates Easter, Christmas or other dates. But during this time of the year there shouldn’t be chocolates or rabbits at the Spirit Center.

         It’s interesting for the children to know that Easter is a time when people take the opportunity to exchange hugs, affection and good feelings, reinforcing the fraternal love that should exist between the children of God. The spiritist teacher should clarify the matter if necessary. He/she can tell the story of Jesus' life and his appearance in Spirit, after the death of the physical body. Activities related to the exchange of affection (such as a card for a friend), are always welcome. Another suggestion is to tell a story and others to do the drama through puppets. After the story each child should draw their hand in a white paper (cut) and paste in a brown paper forming a large sign with the word PEACE. Suggested story can be found on this site: "Lesson in the Forest". Click here to view and assemble drawings that are part of the story, received from Marcia Silva, DIJ - Spiritist Center ‘Perdão e Caridade - Lisbon – Portugal’.

          Click here to see a text that can be studied by the children/adolescents in groups or individually.

          Click here to see a story that could be told to the children, received from Gisel Haddad / KSSF Kardecian Study Society of Florida – USA.

         PPS from Project 1868 on the above text.

          On Mother's Day, Father's Day or Children’s Day: themes such as Family, Respect, Charity at Home, Obedience, Family Links, Freedoms and the Limits in the Family or Collaboration at Home; that can be developed depending on the age/reality of the children.

          [Click here] to see the activity received from Tania Stidwill, Allan Kardec Spiritist Center, Winterthur / Switzerland. Other suggestions can be found at www.ceeak.ch.

          [Click here] to see a story that could be told to the children, received from Gisel Haddad / KSSF Kardecian Study Society of Florida – USA.

         Below are some suggestions received from Adriana Timón - Spiritist Union of Peruíbe/SP.

         [Activity 1]

         Activity 2:

Card for mothers

         Objective: to lead the children to reflect on the importance of the person who plays the role of mothers in their lives. Remember Mary the mother of Jesus, who was a great woman, chosen by God to bring the world the most perfect Spirit that ever existed on our planet, who serves as a guide and model to us. When we need our mother and she is not around, we can lift our thoughts to Mary. She is our spiritual mother and we can ask her to assist us; we’ll surely receive the necessary help for our difficulties.

         Here you can find suggestions on how to make a card for mothers; model adapted from http://www.edicoesgil.com.br/educador/maes.html Rita Foelker.

         Duplex paper (or similar) can be used for the card. Divide it into four to make four cards. Cut a small sized circle of felt paper, to create make the seed.

         Paste felt paper over the other paper, to prepare the flower (make sure the felt paper appears on both sides; front and back.). Draw and cut out the flower. Cut another flower, but without having front and back. Stick it on the card.

         Use small pieces of magnet; cut two circles: a large (4cm) that goes behind the flower (front and back) and a smaller circle (2.5 or 3 cm) to be attached to the core of the flower card.

         Ask the children to bring a photo (3x4 cm) to be pasted into a circle of 4 cm in diameter. If you don’t have their picture at this time, please write the name of the child in the middle of the flower (front and back). Another idea would be to take pictures of the children prior to this class.

         [Click here] to see the model for the flower.

         [Click here] to see the photos.

         [Click here] to see suggested messages.

         At Christmas time: It’s important to highlight the life example of the person having a birthday. Remember Christ’s mission; speak of his family and his humility. Use this time to be time for reflecting and acting for a better world. We suggest some texts that can be adapted for theatre plays to be presented by children, youth and spiritist teachers.

         [Click here to see texts]

          We suggest the spiritist teachers to read the text "Exterior Practices" by Suely Caldas Schubert.

         Love to our neighbour, as taught by Jesus, is another aspect that can be approached at Christmas time. This is a period of time when people become more compassionate, loving and want to help many brothers, practicing charity. Families get together, they all wish good things to each other, our planet receives more positive energy and many Spirits come to assist us in awakening our feelings. We become more receptive to the assistance and inspiration received from our spiritual friends.

         We suggest the following story for this theme to be work through: Sarah, the Little Princess, received from Guacira Machado, from Spiritist Centre ‘Missionários do Mestre’, Curitiba/ PR.


         Charity is love in action. Moral Charity, as Jesus understood, is elucidated in question 886 from The Spirits’ Book, as benevolence (good will) towards everybody, indulgence (tolerance) to the imperfections of others and forgiveness of all offences.

         We can also classify charity as:

         Material: donating food, clothes, money and medicine.

         Mental: can be exercised through prayer, vibration, sincere forgiveness, feelings of love and affection, wishing others good things.

         Verbal: expressed by words that express love, comfort and peace; without shouting.

         Passive: Passive is silence before offending someone, attention before an outburst from someone who suffers.

         Gesture: attitudes such as hug, love, smile, shake hands.

         Mediumship: a mediumship session where disincarnate Spirits are heard and helped.

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         Translation: Carolina von Scharten, London, linked to BUSS - The British Union of Spiritist Societies.

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