"The young call for the help from more experienced individuals, in these days of enormous struggle."

From Ivan de Albuquerque (Spirit); psychographed by José Raul Teixeira; taken from the book “Cântico da Juventude.”

Many stories related to the topics taught in spiritist education classes are available at the link Stories (Drawings).

Suggested lessons and group dynamics:

Allan kardec
Allan Kardec and the Spiritist Codification I
Allan Kardec and the Spiritist Codification II

Celebration Dates
Carnival and other festivals
Christmas - The True Meaning of Christmas

Chico Xavier
Chico Xavier

Sharing is good II

Divine Creation
Existence and Survival of the Spirit

Drugs - Alcohol, gateway to other drugs
Drugs II

Family group
Family - importance of the family
Freedom and limits
Freedom and limits II
Family – Freedom and Limits III
Family – Meaning of Family Ties III

Free will
Free-will and Law of Cause and Effect
Free-will and Law of Cause and Effect II
Free-will and the Law of Cause and Effect III

General Elements of the Universe II

God created us simple and ignorant
God, spirit and matter
God’s Attributes
Proof of God’s existence
Proof of God’s existence II

Group Dynamics
Explore Knowledge
Group Technique - Union and Cooperation
Presentation Technique
Waiters’ Race

Historical background
The predictions of Jesus Christ’s coming
The relevance of the Decalogue

Jesus and his Teachings
Jesus and Allan Kardec
Jesus and Easter
Jesus’ Cures IV
Jesus - Parables
Jesus – teachings V
Parables and Dialogues
Parable of the Talents
Peter and Paul
The Comforter

Living Beings
Formation of Living Beings I
Formation of Living Beings II

Moral Laws
Law of Adoration
Law of Adoration II
Law of Conservation - Waste
Law of Destruction
Law of Labour
Law of Preservation
Law of Preservation III
Law of Reproduction

Opening lecture
Presentation - first meeting


Plurality of Inhabited Worlds

Physical body
The importance of the physical body

Concentration at prayer time
Concept and mechanism of prayer - ability to concentrate
Concept of Prayer
Mechanism of prayer

Presentation - first meeting

Reincarnation IV

Good Spiritists IV
Man in society II
Self-knowledge II
Self-knowledge III

Self-knowledge and self-acceptance

Sexual Energy and Evolution
To kiss or not to kiss someone (without dating)

Communicability of the Spirits
Spirit’s Existence and survival I
Spirit’s Existence and survival II
Spirits’ Influence / Mediumship
Spirits’ Influence / Mediumship II

Spiritist Codification
Events leading up to the Spiritist Codification I
Events leading up to the Spiritist Codification II
Events leading up to the Spiritist Codification III
Hydesville Phenomena and Table Turnings
Mission of Spiritism

Virtues III